SNS vs. Acrylic Nails

I get so many people asking if I will be doing SNS nails. SNS is a brand of dip powder acrylic just like Shellac is the name of a gel polish. It is a brand. When I ask my customers why they want dip powder as opposed to acrylic nails none can give me an answer. The reason for this is because most are uneducated about the difference between the two products. Essentially, dip powder refers to the technique used to apply the fake nail. Dip powder acrylic says it all in the name. It involves applying a super glue like prouct to the nail then dipping it into the acrylic powder and then sealing it with a clear gloss gel top coat. The traditional Acrylic application involves using liquid monomer to apply the acrylic powder.
It is a misconception that SNS or Dip Powder Acrylics are better for your nails. Both do the same thing. Most people will find that the traditional acrylic application will be stronger than the dip powders.
DID YOU KNOW - that just like the dip powder product you can also get coloured acrylic powder whicH is perfect for those wanting coloured nails wthout the chipping effect of gel polish.

Why don't you work on other people's work?

There are a number of salons that use acrylic products which contain a chemical which is banned in Australia. This chemical is used is salons that operate with multiple nail technicians and have a high turn over of clients. They use this powder with this banned chemical as it dries the acrylic faster allowing them to work on more clients. I am unable to determine if your acrylic nails (dip powder/SNS or other) have this chemical in it. The chemical called methyl methacrylate or MMA for short hardens the acrylic making it difficult to remove the fake nail safely. It also is not safe to inhale so I do not want to expose my clients or myself to this chemical.

How to safely remove fake nails

Most fake nails can be removed using the soak off method. This is the safest way to remove them. It involves soaking the nails in a solution of acetone to soften the acrylic and then removing the excess safely with a file. Acrylics that have MMA (see above "Why don't you work on ther people's work") will not melt or soften and this is why some salons will lift the fake nail and "flick it off" with a nail tip. This is incorrect process and this is what causes damage to the nail bed.

Acrylics are bad for my nails

Contraty to the belief that acrylics are bad for your nails, they actually make them stronger. A qualified technician will be ble to explain to you the correct process and advise how to maintain the nails so that there is no damage to your natural nail. Professional nail technicians will not use the electric file on your nail bed to remove the shine, they will use a hand file. The electric file should only be used to remove the cuticle and to file the acrylic. A good nail technician will also leave your natural nail growth and not file it away as this will compromise the integrity of the strength and longevity of the fake nail.

Gel polish chips that's why I want SNS and not fake acrylic nails

Firstly, if your gel polish is not lasting at least 14 days without chipping then something is wrong. It could either be the application process from your nail technician or you could be doing something with your nails which is causing the top layer to crack allowing for moisture to get in under the gel which will cause it to chip and lift. Gel polishes always work best on top of acrylic or gel nail applications (don't confuse gel nails with gel polish - these are 2 totally different things). Gel polish can be applied to the natural nail however you may not get 14 days wear. Clients choose SNS or dip powder because they want coloured nails but don't want it to chip. Acrylic powders are not just for frech nails, they also come in 1000's of diferent colours just like SNS.

Why E&B prefer acrylic nails over SNS/dip powder

The old school, traditional acrylic nail technique is the same as SNS/dip powder technique. It can be applied to the natural nail or to a nail extension and comes in a variety of different colours that allows for a non-chip colour. The traditional acrylic technique allows the nail to be sculptured whereas the dip powder technique will give a more flat nail look. Threre is more control and more designs available with the traditional acrylic technique.

Acrylic vs. Dip Powder - Application and ingredients compared

1. Natural nail is prepared by having the cuticles and shine removed 2. Tip extension is applied if client desires a longer nail 3. Nail bed is dehydrated and pH levels balanced 4. Acrylic is applied and scultured with a brush using both acrylic powder and and acrylic liquid (monomer) 5. Nail is filed and shaped and gloss coat applied DID YOU KNOW: Acrylic can be applied to the ntural nail? Also, acrylic comes in hundreds of colours just like the dip powders. DIP POWDER APPLICATION 1. Natural nail is prepared by having the cuticles and shine removed 2. Tip extension is applied if client desires a lnger nail 3. Nail bed is dehydrated and pH levels balanced 4. Base coat is applied and nail is dipped into the acrylic powder 5. Step 4 is repeated until the desired thickness is acheieved 6. An activator is applied to make the acrylic powder hard 7. Nail is filed and shaped and gloss coat is applied DID YOU KNOW: Dip powders are unhygienic as customers dip their fingers in the same powders. Also, there are no vitamins in dip powders as others claim which help to strengthen nails this is a myth and the ingredients are actually the same as those that are found in normal acrylic the only difference is the method in which the acrylic is applied.

Why are your prices more than the "Aisan" salons?

Unlike other salons I use locally sourced productswhere possible. This is a reflection in the quality of the enhancements. Most salons that operate similar to a sweat shop generally use products that contain MMA which is a banned chemical. Unlike other salons all of my products are on display so that you can see exactly whatI am using on you. None of my products contain MMA. This chemical makes the nails dry faster and also removes the flexibility of the acrylic which is why somed people find that acrylics are "bad" for their nails. Acrylic powders that have MA in them are also cheaper and tend to come from overseas countries where MMA nail enhancements are not yet banned. MMA is banned in Australia, UK, USA and most of Europe. If you are unsure of what is in the acrylic being placed on your nails you have a right to question the salon and request to view the original contained that the acrylic powder has come in. MMA can cause illnesses and even death in some cases. No I am not being dramatic this is the truth. Once MMA gets into your system via open wounds or inhaling the dust particles it can cause respiration problems. This is another reason why I do not work on other people's work. I do not wear a face mask as my products are safe for me to use.




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